South Asia’s Top Leading Professional Management & Development Training Provider, International Standard Icon-ISI NEPAL, Recently Completed a highly demanding Training Program amongst Banks and Financial Institutions, Namely, IT SECURITY MANAGEMENT & FRAUD DETECTION Training for Banks  in Bangkok,Thailand in collaboration with South East Asia’s Highest ranking CORPORATE TRAINING BANGKOK, CTB Thailand.

It was a Customized Training Program for the Banks, IT MANAGERS from Nepal’s First & Top Government Bank i.e. Nepal Bank Ltd.

Participants had enough of Training on IT SECURITY and FRAUD DETECTION, Which definitely proved highly beneficial for them…

IT Manager, from Nepal Bank Ltd. Ms. Bandana Sharma, The Participant revealed that she really liked the session and Case visit organized by the Training Institution…..She claimed, this program is really very necessary for the IT Officials of almost every bank of Nepal…

Resource Person, The IT Specialist Mr. Ammrit Thongthua, of Corporate Training Bangkok, CTB Thailand  and Associate Official of MAHIDOL University was happy enough to have trained IT Managers from Nepal Banks too.

Corporate Training Bangkok, CTB Thailand has been into the first priority of almost every renowned Organizations, Companies in ASIA and EUROPE for training Comparatively to other several Training institutions in the dream of Smile, Thailand….

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